Green cardamom
Green cardamom

Green cardamom

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The green cardamom is not only one of the most important spices in our shop: In India, this aroma and health wonder is considered the queen of spices and is one of the noblest spices alongside saffron and vanilla. Cardamom consists of the cardamom pods and the cardamom seeds they contain. It is a component of many exotic spice mixtures - for example it is also contained in our special Garam Masala mixture.

With its sweetish-spicy aroma, green cardamom, which is related to turmeric, is very popular in Ayurvedic cuisine and is often used in India for fish and meat dishes. Cardamom also gives coffee or tea a very special note and counteracts the caffeine. 

Good to know:

Green cardamom is a medicinal plant: ingredients such as borneol, myrcene and iron unfold beneficial processes in the body through their antibacterial effect.

Cardamom is a miracle cure for bad breath and can be chewed like chewing gum, for example. 

Green cardamom is also a real helper for digestive problems. The essential oils of the seeds calm the stressed Gastrointestinal tract, stimulate digestion, bile and pancreas.

Incidentally, the green color of the cardamom is a quality feature: the capsules were harvested at a time when they contained the greatest possible aroma. 

Incidentally, the black cardamom is much tarter than the green one and is therefore used more for savory dishes.

Incidentally, the spice only develops its aroma when it dries. 

Our COLORFUL SPICES TIP for green cardamom:

Cardamom tastes especially good when crushed or mashed. The cardamom also develops a strong aroma. 

In the Chai Latte, cardamom contributes to the typical taste.

Very tasty: Cook freshly ground cardamom in rice pudding – this gives the rice pudding its own special aroma! 

To reduce stress you can take half a teaspoon of cardamom  Boil it in a glass of milk – it relieves the body of stress. Great tip as a nightcap in the evening! 

Ingredients: Green Cardamom, Whole

  • May contain traces of celery and nuts or mustard
  • Packaged in a resealable stand-up pouch to protect against aroma and light
  • Please store in a cool, dark and dry place

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