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Cumin is indispensable in Indian cuisine. It is a very aromatic spice and an effective medicinal plant and may be known to many as curmin or Roman cumin. 

Cumin can be used on its own but also in combination with other (exotic) spices. It is often part of masalas and goes well with meat such as chicken or lamb. But it also makes lentil dishes, vegetables and rice very tasty. 

In Ayurvedic nutrition, cumin is often roasted as a basis together with fenugreek seeds in some ghee (pure butterfat) before other ingredients are added.

Cumin comes from the umbelliferae family, whose dried fruits are used as a spice. The name derives from the cross-shaped leaf position of the plant and the caraway-like appearance of the dried fruits. 

Good to know:

In Ayurveda, cumin is of great importance and helps, for example, against high blood pressure and coughing, prevents heart disease and lowers cholesterol levels.

Cumin is also a small miracle cure for digestion: just chewing on a few cumin seeds helps with flatulence, a feeling of fullness and stomach cramps. And if you add cumin to foods that are difficult to digest, it prevents possible digestive problems, for example with legumes such as lentils.


When preparing fried potatoes, first lightly fry some cumin in butter, then add a spoonful of turmeric. Then add the boiled potatoes and fry together until done. The spice gives the potatoes a special aroma and a much more intense taste. 

Also very tasty: Fry a teaspoon of cumin with butter and then add the rice. Then fry the rice. 

Ingredients- Cumin, Whole

  • May contain traces of celery and nuts or mustard
  • Packaged in a resealable stand-up pouch to protect against aroma and light
  • Please store in a cool, dark and dry place

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