Himalayan salt chunks
Himalayan salt chunks

Himalayan salt chunks

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Himalayan salt is the best, finest and purest salt you can buy. Therefore, this pink salt is healthier and much more balanced than ordinary table salt. It contains up to 84 minerals and, unlike other table salts, is not chemically processed. 

This special and extremely healthy salt was created when a primeval sea dried out more than 220 million years ago. It is stored at a depth of 400 to 600 meters. Incidentally, Himalayan salt is a brand name, not a designation of origin.

Good to know:

Due to its content of important minerals, Himalayan salt is a small fountain of health - even if, like other salts, it should not be consumed in excess. It regulates blood pressure, improves digestion and sleep, can help improve respiratory problems, and normalizes hydration in the body. Himalayan salt regulates the amount of acid in the stomach.

Our COLORFUL SPICES TIP for Himalayan salt:

It is best to add Himalayan salt to the dish at the end of the cooking process and dose it carefully. 

One can use Himalayan salt for that too  Use body care products: It is excellently suited, for example, as a foot bath and peeling against calluses! Due to the magnesium it contains, it can also be used very well for a full bath, which then helps to relieve tension.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt

  • May contain traces of celery and nuts or mustard
  • Packaged in a resealable stand-up pouch to protect against aroma and light
  • Please store in a cool, dark and dry place

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